One night stand or sexless relationship?

Would you Rather Hook up with some super hot chick and have a night that will blow your mind.. or have a relationship that you rarley have sex in?

Answer #1

The relationship because atleast you will always have someone to share those cute little moments with and someone to cuddle with all night so yea the relationship

Answer #2

definately the relationship. physical needs are so temporary. worst case scenario of a rarely sexual (hopefully otherwise great) relationship is that I have to take care of myself in that department. and that is why god created the pocket rocket. :)

Answer #3

sex is not all that makes a relationship work … so I guess if I had to choose it would be a relationship that we hardly have sex in because

  1. the one night happened only once 2)at least I can look forward to the next sexual experience and maybe that will make it better and more exciting.
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