Will our relationship go bad if we have sex?

I really like this boy but if I have sex with him I think that our relationship will go bad if we have sex?

Answer #1

No not really it’s like a 50,50 chance that it will go worng you should just think about it and make the rigth choice it’s all up to you

Answer #2

are u going out with this guy? do u love him very much? do u trust him? these are all ?s to ask urself. dont just have sex with every guy u like

Answer #3

Many beautiful relationships were in the word that involved sex, and many sexless realtionships went wrong for something. Sex itself cannot destroy and cannot build up a realationship. Only the participants.

Answer #4

Are you in a committed relationship with this boy? You dont have sex with a boy just because you like him. Thats not a way to start off anything with anybody. For one thing..he will NOT respect you if you are that easy. Boys will just use you. Sex doesnt prove or show that you love someone! It is to be shared between 2 consenting adults who love and respect one another, and have been together for a long period of time. It shouldnt just be given to anyone just because YOU like them!

Answer #5

A relationship has nothing to do with sex if you like the boy please don’t just have sex sure guys want to have sex but that’s not all they want they want a pretty girl that will always be there for them care about them and love them. If you don’t think it’s right to have sex then please don’t. Wait a while till you two really know and love each other and you are both comfortable of this decision. Some relationships if the couple hasn’t been together long sex will totally destroy it because some guys once they get it from you they want it again and when you don’t want to give it you two break up. So please just wait! And when it comes time be safe!

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