What is this "zombie" TV series called?

I remember watching a tv series about 1 hour. Where at some point people would be down in a cellar hiding. And then in a bar hiding. I think it had something to do with zombies or a disease. I never see it on now but its been about 1 - 3 years. I know this isn’t much but a some point it was focused on a family with 2 kids. and sepearted parents. It involved trucks. Guns, weapons. So if anyone can list a bunch of names that resemble this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

Answer #1

Left 4 Dead?? i know it’s a video game but it might be a TV series

Answer #2

no left 4 dead isnt like what she described lol

Answer #3

is it the walking dead? that comes on amc

Answer #4

The Walking Dead? on Channel 5

Answer #5

for 1 i already said that and 2 not all of them come on channel 5

Answer #6
  1. I love that the series xp
  2. Its not it but thanks, I might have described it wrong or mixed two series together I’m not sure, but it cuz its been along long time, but thanks. You reminded me of a great series xD
Answer #7

i sincerely apologise, i did not know you knew everything about Zombie films/Tv series.

Answer #8

i never said i did but i had already answered this question awhile ago

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