Who here has seen the commercials for the new tv series "Ugly Americans"?

Okay so if you haven’t seen the commercials, it’s basically a bunch of monster/demons acting like humans and having s.ex and dr!nking. It looks really retarded and I don’t see how anyone would want to watch it.

Answer #1

I’ve seen them … I want to watch the premiere just to satisfy curiosity … worse programs than that have been made.

Answer #2

It looks so stupid though. My dad saw the commercials and was like “this is why kids are killing.” Lol. It just looks pointless.

Answer #3

why name it ugly americans though?

Answer #4

Because they’re all ugly monsters in America. Like instead of humans, it’s monsters.

Answer #5

Thats not a new series, it’s been around for awhile. Quite awhile actually.

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