What do youll think of the TV Show call Man vs Wild?

For me I like the TV Show Man vs Wild,because I like how Bear Gerizzlers,teaches people including me how too survive in the wild,and the reson why I sade me because I like too go too wild places some times like in a wooded area where theirs nature around.

Answer #1

OMG it’s on tonight! thanks for reminding me!

Answer #2

Yell me too,I like his show a lot too,my friend.

Answer #3

I love the show, and any documentries about survival, animals, plants ect in general I love david attenborough ones more but I like the fact that bear doesnt just tell you what to do like how people say if your stuck in the forest/atlantic, ect to eat an animal or use one for shelter he actually eats the animal and/or uses it for shelter though some of the things like the rafts he didnt just build himself and had profesional help

Answer #4

In my personal opinion, it’s a bunch of nonsense. Seriously how can you be roughing it out if there is a whole camera crew following you around. And please don’t tell me that he does everything he does by himself.

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