Turning a mix number or fraction into a terminating or repeating..

I need help with my homework,my mom doesn’t know math, so this is my last hope. how do you turn a mixed number or fraction into a terminating or repeating decimal? please please please, I need help!

Answer #1

If its a simple fraction just divide the numerator by the denominator. If its a mixed number or mixed fraction multiply the whole number by the denominator and then add the numerator. Example: 6 1/2 = ((6x2)+1) = 13/2. Finally do as before and divide the numerator by the denominator.

Check out this website for more details. http://www.mathleague.com/help/fractions/fractions.htm

Answer #2

Turn fractions into decimels

devide the bottom (denominator) into the top (numorator) eg. 1/3=1devided by 3 = 0.3333 repeting

2/3= 2devided by 3= 0. 66666 repeating

1/4 = 1 devided by 4 = 0.25 not repeating

mixed numbers into fractions step 1. multiply the hole number by the denominator (bottom)of the fraction and add it to the numorator (top) step 2. Then turn into decimil as before by deviding thd denominator (bottom) into the numonator (top) eg. turn 3 1/2 into a decimal

step 1. multiply hole number by denominator (bottom) (3x2) = 6

Add answer to numonator (top) 6+1= 7

So top heavy fraction is 7/2

Step 2. To turn fraction into decimel devide denominator (bottom) into numonator(top) 7/2 = 7 devided by 2 = 3.5

hope you under stand this explination im going into my third year in mathes in collage so I hope I didnt use too dificult terminology and dont mind my spelling I have disxlesia I didnt cheaque my answers so I might of made some errors.

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