How do you turn a percent into a fraction?

Please explain how o turn a percent into a fraction in simplist form?

87 1/2% into a fractioin in simpilst form

Pleas explain how to do it!

Answer #1

Hey. I can help because we just finished this section in pre-algerbra. Ok first you take 87 and it’s a percent so 87% now move that mercent over 2 spaces to the LEFT repeat LEFT so now it’s .87 . an what you do with that 1/2 just right .87 1/2. Hope this helpps hahah.

Answer #2

emmmybooobooo: you are not turning it into a simplified fraction; you are turning it into decimal. Also, in decimal it would be 0.875

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First express your percentage as an unsimplified fraction. Since you have half a percent you might express it in thousandths instead of hundredths. After you have it expressed as an unsimplified fraction simplify it.

Answer #3

Turn the fraction into a decimal by moving the decimal to the left. 87.5 = .875

Now place a 10, 100, 1000, etc. underneath. Whatever number is big enough to have enough zeroes for each place after the decimal.

so 875/1000 Now you need to make that simplified = 7/8

There is a few ways to simplify the fraction. You can just started dividing by 2, 3, 5, 7 etc until you reach the simpliest form which is one of the easiest ways.

You can also find the Greatest Common factor and divide by that.

Or you can find the Common Prime factors and multiply those to give you the GCF.

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