How would you order these fractions?

Order each set of numbers from least to greatest. 0.9,1 7/12,3/4,1 2/3. What is the answer!!!???

Answer #1

ans= 3/4,0.9,1 7/12,1 2/3. you work it out by dividing the top of the fraction by the bottom, that makes it a decimal, thatn its obvious what order to put them in

Answer #2

thanks a lot everyone except eax360

Answer #3

well first turn .9 into 9/10 then find a common denominator and do the math. This isn’t a ‘do my homework for me’ site.

Answer #4

its 1 and 7 /12 and 1 and 2/3

Answer #5

do it urselfff it your how…

Answer #6

is that 17/12 and12/3 ?

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