Trying to get off the bottle

My daughter is 3 this year and im trying so hard to get her bottle from her, see heres the thing its become a security blanket for her even if she dont need to drink it she wants it with milk in it and hold it to sleep. Im trying to take it from her but she crys so hard and then when I finally give in shes so excited and falls right to sleep. My son will be 1 and I want them both on a cup help me please…!

Answer #1

My parents say that this happened to me when I was little..I was hooked on the mom asked the pediatrician what to do, and he said to just take it show me that it was all over..So she made a hole in the bottom of the bottle and said..”its broken..all done” and I cried..and cried but had to use the cup…it isnt like you are withholding fluids from the child, so don’t feel bad…there are going to be a few nights of crying..but will stop…make a huge deal about the cups…so the broken bottle during the day…make going to the store and picking out special cups a huge deal…then make sure when she is drinking from the cup you make it a big party with lots of clapping and cheering and everything…and tell her how proud you are and what a big girl she is…eventually she will adjust and it will be ok.

Answer #2

I have some advice that might help, if you want to put her on to a sippy cup for toddlers. First of all, you can find one that might appeal to her (maybe with her favourite cartoon on it) and give it to her as a present. Most children enjoy receiving presents, especially when it’s not their birthday or christmas. Or, you could take her out shopping and let her choose one herself. This way, she will be getting something that she chose herself and she will drink more from it than a plain bottle. I hope I have been of some help. =o]

Answer #3

I had the same problemwith my son as well.I first put water in the bottle instead at night and during the day. Then took it away completely. My son hated it and I had to show tough love and just not give in. After about four nights of not getting sleep like he was a newborn again he was used to it! Everytime I wanted to give in I thought about his teeth rotting. Its one of the hardest things I’ve faced with him. But in the long run… Four or five nights of crying is much better compared to getting his teeth pulled and having silver ones and the rotting.

Answer #4

Same thing happened to me when I was a kid, or so my parents tell me. I can’t remember it, but they said that they just refused to give it to me. I went to bed crying for like a week, then got used to it. I personally cannot believe they were so mean to me, but it’s not like I can remember so I don’t mind. Tough love I guess. Sorry if this didn’t help much.

Answer #5

I had this problem with my son when he was 3 as well. But that was a long time ago and I was using Playtex bottle bags. We suddenly “ran out” of them. I took him aside and told him we didn’t have any, and acted quite alarmed. He cried but said he thought he could manage with a cup, just for one day until I got to the store. The next day he proudly told me he didn’t have to go back to bottles. Two days after that, we were at my sister’s house where she was giving her baby a bottle of milk. He stood by them and told my sister he was a big boy and didn’t need a bottle any more. It felt like a miracle to me because of his earlier reliance and resistance. I could have probably tried it sooner.

Answer #6

First, he NEVER needs to take a milk bottle to bed. It is terrible for his teeth. If you have to give him something, make it water. Second, there are transition sippy cups you can replace bottles with. I use the Nuby brand with the clear soft rubber nipple. You are going to need to kill this bad habit cold turkey. Go through your house and throw out/ give away ALL of the bottles. They are not that expensive, so don’t try to save them. Don’t tempt yourself to give in at a weak moment. He will be upset, but he will survive. Somehow, all of us stopped drinking from a bottle, so he can too. Encourage him to find a new security item that isn’t associated with eating or drinking.

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