is it true that bullimia can actually kill you?

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Answer #2

yes i have it :((((( and i can kill u

Answer #3

yes it is true

Answer #4

Yup yup. even water can kill you….. suprisingly…..

Answer #5

Yes it can.

When you starve yourself, like with bulimia your body starts eating your muscles for energy, and your heart (being a muscle) then also gets eaten, that is why a lot of them die of heart failure.

Also another thing it can cause is chronic acid reflux, because it damages the girls esophagus as well as stomach i.e. it can also result in stomach acid.

other than that I can name a whole list of other nasty side effects of the illness.

If you or a friend has it, please speak to someone about it and get the help required

Answer #6

yes its not nice

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