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Question For Christendom:

 Why do you try so hard to deny that many or your key doctrines and celebrations are so steeped in paganism that the first-century Christians didn't even adhere to them.  Many of Christendom's ways of thinking are heavily influenced by pagan ideology, by Hellenistic philosophy, and by whatever political opinion happens to be trendy for whatever time-period it happens to be in.

Why Can't Chrisendom Just Come Clean And Stop Giving The Bible & Christ A Bad Name? (You Are Actually Bringing Reproach Upon The Almighty Himself Through Your Bad Conduct & Many Sincere Individuals Are Mislead From What The Bible Actually Teaches),


P.S.-Whenever I hear an explanation for any of the pagan festivities, customs, and beliefs, they are always tainted by dishonesty or down-played which are not becoming traits of those who would profess to be followers of Christ.