Your Soul

What is a soul?

Answer #1

“It’s funny athiests giving advice from google pages of the concept of a soul and you couldnt be more wrong.”

What makes you think your own opinion is more relevant than ours?

Answer #2

A mythical concept made up before we understood that our consciousness comes from our brains, not from some outside force.

Answer #3

A soul is like a second being inside you. It goes to heaven/hell when you die (sorry if this is not your religion) Some people say that its what helps keep you alive.

Answer #4

It’s the part of you that makes you weep when you hear the second movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto # 23.

Answer #5

I think I’ll chose arachnid’s answer. It makes the most sense out of all of them.

Answer #6

Im not sure I have one, im immortal.

Answer #7

I duno I sold mine for a cookie

Answer #8

The immaterial part of a person; the actuating cause of an individual life

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