What's the best way to treat any phobia?

Answer #1

facing it i think sweetheart

Answer #2

it really varies & depends on the kind of phobia b/c they are very different.. what kind do you have & i’ll try to help you ?

Answer #3

Desensitization…..getting over it bit by bit…

Answer #4

insects! Yuck! they are ugly && disgusting.

Answer #5

It does not vary or depend on the type of phobia. Phobias are cured through exposure. In plain and simple english, it means facing your fears. There’s ways to do this. Graduated exposure is one that phrannie mentioned. You make a hierarchy of least scary (e.g. a picture of an insect), to most scary (e.g. holding an insect) and progressively work your way up. If you pair this with relaxation, it’s called systematic desensitization. Or there’s the flooding (lots of exposure). Bottom line is exposure. Consider a therapist to help. It should be pretty short term.

Answer #6

Facing your fears is the only way to treat it. You have to face it on a regular basis. I’m getting over my fear of heights at the moment. It takes time, fears are never easy.

Maybe start by visitng one of those places where they keep big scary insects in cages and see if you can hold them. lol. Might just start working.

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