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How to train for an 8 km run as soon as possible?

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My brother signed me up for an 8k run that's going to be in exactly one month and i can barely run 4k!!!! I told him not to but he only laughed and sent my details. It's a charity run so i don't think he would let me not go because he's paid for it (more like paid to watch me embarrass myself). I'm not too fond of running, and the last time i ran was last week at 2k for about 16 minutes..

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me, and suggest any workouts. I'm very busy with school, i barely get enough rest, so if the workouts can be around 20-30 minutes, that'll be cool. should I do interval workouts? or should i force myself to run as far as possible? i just NEED to get past 8 kilometers. And i always get shin splints.

Please help me :-( thank you in advance!