Topic for poem!

what do you think is a good topic to write about for a poem, like if I was going to turn it into school, I dont want to ring a poem about…sad stuff ys know theyd think I was suicidal, but I dont want it to be about rainbows and unicorns either, whats your opinion?

Answer #1

Love Hate Crimes The New President Gay Rights Racism Your Family Your boyfriend Poem about a Dream Poverty Religion

Answer #2

a good poem is just an insightful observation cleverly written. form hardly even exists nowadays. just pick anything that is fascinating to you. for you it might be a common theme like a beautiful relationship with a boyfriend or something less ordinary like a hiker you can just barely see in the distance. for me it’s horrifying photographs of parasitic infestations.

Answer #3

Some sort of positive world event?

-The fall of the Berlin Wall -The movement to free Tibet -Obama becoming president

…you get the idea

Answer #4

well, I gave my teacher a sad poem, and now she thinks im emo and deppressed, so I dont reccomend that. I tihnk a good topic to give a teacher would be about how life is confusing, or describe a scene of nature in your poem. if you do a good job those poems could be really beutifull

Answer #5

It could be about love or war.

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