Can you help me pick a topic for my poem?

Ok… so far these are the only topics That I have been able to come up with that would be interesting to write about so, I am here to ask everyone on fun advice to help me. I am wondering if there are any specific topics anyone would like to hear a poem or story about… PLEASE: Let me know of any subject that you would and specify if you would like to see it in a poem or story… THANKS!!

.World Cultures .Love .Hate .Pain .Music .Death .Life .Parenthood .Christmas .Depression .Memories .Cheaters .Fun .Sadness .Lying

Answer #1

you should do it on over censorship- i guess that sorta weaves into christmas because it would relate to a lot of the people who are becoming pissed about Santa’s recent changes

Answer #2

maybe just pick a time and write depending on the mood your in, like if your mad about smrthing at the time, wirte about something that makes people angry orsad, like war, death, or world hunger. if your happy at the time, write about beauty, or peace, you could even do one on jealesy if your jelous. just make sure you don’t write a poem when you aren’t feeling it. it’s never as good. hope this helped

Answer #3

Christmas is around the corner… ;] And I love music. <333 Do something cheery!

Answer #4

:) thanks! I will do my best! :[)

Answer #5

Ya, I agree with iffy, do something fun and inspiring for this holiday season!! I like love, Christmas, life, music, fun and memories…!! :)

Answer #6

I am also looking for something to write about for my poetry slam at school. Thanks to you guys for the ideas about peace and world hunger!

Answer #7

Aw, no problem. Yeaaa, broadway. =D

Answer #8

u have to go out wit me now

Answer #9


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