What is a good topic to write a poem on that has to do with freedom?

I have a project due where we have to write a poem about freedom and read it to the class. I am looking for an event in history or something where people were fighting for freedom. Id rather not do it on slavery, though. =/ I just dont want to. What are some other events I could write about?

Answer #1

Woman’s rights.

Answer #2

gay freedom

Answer #3

civil right’s moveent would be a good one

Answer #4

The upheavals that are currently transforming the Arab world, challenging 60 years of autocracy from North Africa (Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya) through Syria, to the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen and Bahrain). The whole network of international relations will be different in unforeseeable ways!

Answer #5

Girls rule!

Answer #6

racial rights :)

Answer #7

War and how releving it was when over, or how after ww2 we promised we wouldnt fight like that again ??

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