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I've been told by my doctor that the reason im not growing is because my bones are too strong and heavy, so I cant get any taller. I've tried not having calcium to reduce their strength, and I've been told that I shouldnt worry about bones breaking, because that wont happen. does anyone know another good way to reduce either strength or calcium in the bones???

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That sounds like a bizarre explanation to me. Bones grow when the growth plates on the ends of bones lay down more bone; the strength of the bone has nothing to do with this. After adolescence these areas thin and growth stops. Most women reach their maximal height around 18 and most men around 20.

Since the thinning of the growth plates is triggered by adolescence the earlier this begins the earlier the individual stops growing. Percicious (very early) puberty results in individuals of short stature because their growth stops earlier than other people.

If you are concerned about your stature I'd seek advice from another doctor.

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