What can i do to make my self emotionally strong?

I have this problem since i began doing job.Am always concern about little things.and if someone disrespected me,i can,t forget what they say.I wasn,t like that year ago.i always complain and yell.what can i do to change that?

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you could try to become slightly emotionally detached to things and people

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Emotionally strong? The only way I can think of doing that is to suppress your emotions or diver them. Realistically, emotional control doesn't happen -- you can't help how you feel but what you can control is your reactions to it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that since you're in control of your reactions, you can trigger emotions with these reactions. So usually people get ticked off at stupidity, and I do as well, but most of the time, I find it seriously humorous because my immediate reaction is to ridicule it. It works, it keeps me happy and relaxed and not only that, I have something to tell my friends!

Now as for being over-analytical -- I think maybe distracting yourself might be able to work for you? Usually that's what I try to do whenever I feel something being referred to me but not explicitly, I just try to move onto something of more needed importance. I hope that helps you!

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Thanks man you really helped :)

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Thank you :)!

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It sounds like you lack confidence - that comes with experience. The best way to build your confidence is to become really good at what you do, even if it's just one step at a time.

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Thank you Colleen :),i will do my best.

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1st, find yourself as a nornal hunman. 2nd, find Jesus as your Savior.
Romans 10.9-11

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I a bit disagree to Miguel. Yes we can control our emotion. To me being sad and being happy is a choice. Even on the upper level of spiritual ability, you can control people around you. People tend to react, so if you give good stimuli they will tend to give good reaction. Back to main question: what you can do to make you emotionally strong is: 1. Get a guide is self mediation. (I recommend take one of DEPAK COPRA's BOOKS) It is one way of knowing yourself. Were you are emotionally weak, in what situation you tend to react uncontrolably etc. 2. Build your positive thinking o every event happening around you. Those happen for some reason. Sometimes it is beyond your control, but your reaction toward the event is your choice. 3. Human being grow by habit. So try to always do something good to others where at some point you will do all those things automatically. Pay a very close attention to the people's reaction, their look, their words when you do good things to them. their reaction, both physically and emotionally will strengthen your emotion. LAST is explore the word ACCEPTANCE. Everything that is happening to you is due to your previous decision. Search deeper, then you will never blame on anything else bu yourself for any misfortune you have.

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You have to build it within you. What you can do is set your boundaries. Make a list of boundaries that are important and not important. This way you can work on strengthening your emotions. The important stuff should live up to your boundaries. If you want to be treated with respect, then you treat them the same way. When it gets too much and they continue being rude, then it becomes important. You must then know what you want and how you want to feel. If you think it's a real bother, then tell them you will not tolerate their rudeness and distance yourself from these people. You have to realize that everyone is going to disrespect you in someway. Another way is to find someone to talk to. Generally keeping your frustration bottled inside can cause you to complain and yell like you do. Dont expect much from others too, until they've earned your respect. Some people have their reasons of why they can be rude, and it's best not to question it. If they dont fix themselves up and start showing you the respect you deserve then don't expect anything from them. They will most likely continue saying rude things but it's best to ignore it. Recognize your unique and keep yourself in control. Make yourself think of the positive instead of the negative. Fight with your self doubt or lack of confidence to lash out at these people. Only take action if it crosses your boundaries. Another way I found the easiest and best to help with controlling your emotions or gaining confidence or any mental help really is by reading quotes. Here are a few: "Along the way you will find strength, you will find and develop ability, you will come to know power'and you will come to find ever more of your self. As the journey continues, so will the finding."
"I can do no wrong through striving to advance, 
to improve, and masterfully triumph; 
I can only do wrong, if I don't!"
“When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid”
"A man stands a lot as long as he stands himself."
“The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven”
I find reading quotes and seeing the wisdom in the words helps. Another way to build your emotional strength is to write them down in a book. Your mind can make things seem bigger than they are (The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven). Writing them down will help you understand not only your emotions but yourself too. 
Emotional strength needs to be learnt through life, it can't be taught. By finding your strength you will find a better understanding of yourself which can help you with your confidence and self doubts. 
 Hope it helped you too and good luck :-)

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Thank you so much Sri,I will work on your Advice :]

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Thank you Walter :)

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Thank you so much,you helped alot :)

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I will say pray and start reading about the fruits of the spirit...and go on a spiritual diet..it will be fun and healthy....just let me know I can give you the site.

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Thank you so much for the answer :)

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u r welcome...google up Godweb site to find the spiritual diet.

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Your welcome :))

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