Where to find a really strong cold medicine?

Where to find a really strong cold medicine? I’ve had a cold for a few days or so, and, I was just wondering where to find a really strong cold medicine. If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate some feedback.

Answer #1

Day Quill helps me a lot, theraflu and I hear tylenol cold and flu is good too! Try going to the local drug store and asking the pharmicist! I am sure he/ she can point you in the right direction!

Answer #2

Dayquil, tylenol cold and others (in the USA) all have very similar ingredients. The reason being, aceitometophin and other over the counter remedies are heavily regulated so they have a maximum per dose they can give you without a doctor’s prescription.

What I would do is try one of those, or theraflu and see which one works the best for your particular symptoms. Often if I’m really sick I’ll also use mucinex, which is a really good expectorant.

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