What does pumpkin pie taste like?

I have only ever eaten pumpkin in savoury dishes and it seems really strange to use it in a sweet pie. Im kind of intruiged… But also worried about making it as it sounds like it tastes bad! Does it actually taste good or is it just some bizarre tradition thing? Ooh, and does anyone outside the US like it?

Answer #1

it tastes real bad and gooi lol for my opinion

Answer #2

i once tasted a pie that was so delicious and sweet but I once ate a slice that was really bad..I think it tastes depending on how it is made and who made it

Answer #3

It’s really good and pumpkin-y :P

Answer #4

It tastes like a pumkin in pie form. Tastes really good I’ll tell you that

Answer #5

It taste awesome! Specially hot and then put Vanilla Ice cream on top and whipped cream. Wow, now I am getting fancy.

Answer #6


Answer #7

And Apple pie taste like Apples.

Answer #8

im with you….i dont like it either

Answer #9

i think it’s good. but, its those sorts of things that cant really be exlained until yuh try it out, :)

Answer #10

i also eat pumpkin as in dishes which are salty but my aunty have made it.she says it tastes sweet and soft like spicy sweet pie, it seems strange to me but you can try.

Answer #11

I’m not a fan either….but I do like Dryer’s Pumpin Icecream…go figure. I think it tastes like spicy squash, when it’s in a pie.

Answer #12


Answer #13

It tastes like pumpkin, and pie! :3

Answer #14

Oh, and I’m in Canada and I like it ^_^ I think that’s outside the US right?

Answer #15

EAT IT DUH!!!!!!!!!! just nt around ur bf

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