Toddler won't drink fluids

Toddler will not drink fluids?

Answer #1

My kiddo goes through phases where she doesn’t want to drink anything either. I give her Pedialyte. It helps to keep her extra hydrated, and she thinks she is getting a treat because it is a bright color. Pedialyte also makes popscicles.

Answer #2

See if your toddler will drink choc or strawberry milk, it’s still good for them.

Answer #3

get him interested in fixing drinks with you. Say, “want to come help mommy make some kool-aid?” or whatever else drink you have. and I’m sure he will drink what he “makes”

Answer #4

Give him ice lolly’s, ice cream and watery foods .e.g watermelon and oranges, book him into your doctors =] Good luck

Answer #5

I don’t know…try giving him watermelon. at least it’s something, right? you should probably get him to the doctor. if he dehydrates, it could be fatal.

Answer #6


My son does not want to drink anything…EVER. He was off the bottle at 12 months. Every time, he pushes every cup away all the time. We actually have to spoon feed him liquid sometimes which he has no problem with, but not from any kind of sippie cup or anything else. we had to put him in the hospital for dehydration when he got rotavirus. I am going to find a way to get hime to drink but it is excrutiating for every meal. we manage to get 24oz in everyday but TORTURE. He will not eat popsicles, pedialyte, juice, water, milk, formula… just got to keep plugging away at it…GRRR!!!

Answer #7

I would say put the liguids in cool cups to make it fun. ooo and drink with it and give a cheers!

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