To live in sudamerica. . .are there houses expensive in argentina.?

Ohkay so I was watching this house hunters international (lol) on the hgtv channel and this couple wanted to live in argentina. The price said 250,000 But I know over there their currency is a lot different.

250,000 is cheap to us americans but-what I really want to know is- is that cheap over there.? What currency do they use.? Are there houses expensive in argentina.?

Thanks :] -jelly

Answer #1

In many places in the US, 250K will buy you a nice house :)

Not where I live, but in the mid west, parts of Texas, Florida, etc, you can easily get something for that price.

You can get something in Oregon, too, but it wouldn’t be as nice.

Generally speaking, while Argentina is one of the strongest Latin economies, it’s not as expensive as the US. However, in a city like Buenos Aires, it’ll be a lot more than if you go out in the country, same as here…but, you import more stuff living in a place where they produce less, so, imported anything costs more.

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