how can I turn the $100 a month I live off of into more?

I only get $100 a month from my mom to live off of. this includes Gas for my truck, most food, and movies and clothes. the only thing I dont pay for is for living at my house. how can I turn that 100 into 500?

Answer #1

How is livin off 100 bucks bein spoiled? Jw

Answer #2

Wow no offense but yer spoiled

Answer #3

Most parents buy there kids food and gas. I know I’m not spoiled

Answer #4

get a job like everyone else. a lot of parents dont give their kids $100 every month so you are pretty spoilied.

Answer #5

im 16 hahaha

Answer #6

stock market man that is all I can think of

Answer #7

Could you talk to your parents and try to reach a compromise with them or see why they’re doing what they’re doing? I can somewhat understand gas and movies, maybe clothes, but not food. I hope you come up with something!

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