Should girls shave or trim their fanny ?

Should girls shave or trim their fanny ???

Answer #1

I would trim then shave personaly but as you no when you shave your legs they do grow back thicker but you can still shave it again just to start you off then maybe use a hair removal cream I wud recomend a 1 that is gental with senative places if you where to use the hair removal cream test it on your legs first and wait a week to see if you get any reaction you never no you could be alerhix and it could lead to itchyness and rashes to better to be saffe first! Hope this info helps!

Answer #2

You should trim the hairs first so they are short, then shave.

Answer #3

fanny??? if you are talking about vagina then shave definetly. I cant stand anything down there

Answer #4

I prefer to shave but its down to personal choice..xx

Answer #5

SHAVE SHAVE SHAVE its the only way. You dont like hairs in your meal, neither do I…

It is NOT true that if you shave they come more.

Answer #6

To the coment above; yes it is true , its very true ! if you shave ANYWERE the hairs always grow back faster and thicker but its up to u ! x

Answer #7

That depends on their guy. You can always trim it, and then shave it later if he (or you) want.

Good Luck!!

(fanny = vagina in England)

Answer #8

Shaving Just Causes More Hairs Tu Grow So Wax It Maybe They Dont Grow Back as Quick then It Will Hurt Waxiin First But Youll Get Used Tu It Xx

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