what are some tips to study so that you don't get bore?

Answer #1

Hey , i had this situation when i was studdieing for my tests …I just play my music and read my books .. or i just copy out the bit i have to learn, normally type it on word of something . It makes you remeber all the facts .It worked for me i got high lvls in my test ..~_~ Good luck Yashica ^O^

Answer #2

get a friend/family member/ teacher to help you make flash cards on whatever your studing on and you can make little games to play to help study its alot better than just reading notes

Answer #3

I usually listen to music while I revise.

Answer #4

In order not to get bored in studying, you have to write down notes using colour pencil so it wont look dull and draw some relevant pictures on ur paper. I have a habit of hilighting important stuff in pink and purple colour hilighters and that makes my brain rmb things faster. work out with different colour and see which colour ur brain absorb faster. thts my tip of studying and is good to have background music but not listening to music on ur ear while studying and also u can study with friends or go to library so u wont fall asleep while studying:)

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