Tips in studying...

I think I have memory problems… What should I do? some tips in studying would be very much appreciated too…thanks

Answer #1

look if you are memorizing a paragraph for example read the sentence 5 times in your eyes before ,and then you will memorize it much faster ,and if you want not to forget it write it it helps very much .when you are finished from the first sentence and the second repeat them,I hope that this is helpful

Answer #2

go too the library so you wont be distracted so then you wouldnt have too get on sites asking how too study.

Answer #3

if you are finding difficulties in remember which paragraghe you need to say memorize the first names of them

Answer #4

try recording stuff that you need to study and just listen to it, eventually u’ll memorize it

Answer #5

I was just asking for some tips to study better…I do go to the library a lot…thanks anyway.

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