this iz getting on my LAST nerves ! :(

k , wendsday I had a LIL cough and didn’t pay attention 2 it , then on thursday I was loosing my voice and coughing, friday ( yesterday) when I woke up my shirt was wet from sweat so I took a bath , then my mom woke up and cheked meh and I had a fever and all day yesterday I was coughing and had flu , a fever, and a stuffed nose, last night my mom gave me medicine 4 my cough but at midnight I threw up the medicine, now 2day I still got a fever a lil bit of flu and my nose iz getting a lil bit better but really thiz is getting on my LAST nerves! I don’t want 2 be sick on monday cause I have school, so WHAT DO I DO???

Answer #1

If it’s a bug then there is nothing you can do exept wait for the body to naturally get rid of the germs.

Answer #2

You have no choice but to just wait it out,have your mom give you medicine to treat it. Stay in bed until you feel better.

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