Does anyone else think our government is corrupt?

If we are paying taxes and some of our taxes are going toward area 51 and stuff dont you think we have a right to know some information about it and not kept secretive we should know where our money is going. who knows what they could be spending it on. Does anyone else think our government is crupt

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Yes our government is corrupt. The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again”. It is time for swift and courageous change. Running for office is no longer for politics but is for gain, power and a safe secure job with relished retirement benefits on the peoples back. Better known as “I got mine”. “We the people” are a modern society now and with all the technology “we the people” have now there is a better way. Simplify. Let all issues, laws, regulations, concerns, spending, taxing, budgets, congressional rules, term limits, influence, entitlements and needs etc etc. be voted on by popular vote only. “We the people” know the issues because of your incompetence, self centered agenda, greed and the damage you have done to this great country and its people for many years by not listening to the people. We the people” are no longer fooled by your cover to look important or busy on the hill. “We the people” see through your personal agenda and intentional stagnation and repertoire to confuse the people for your own self preservation and gain. “We the people” can set the agenda and vote accordingly. We the people” don’t need the congressional format we have now that no longer speaks or votes for there constituents because of there greed. “We the people” no longer need a party system whose only agenda is for there own self preservation financed by “we the people” and corrupt influence by greedy corporate fat boy clubs behind closed doors, lobbyist, Pac’s and self interest groups lining your pockets. The executive branch and congress could be greatly downsized, say one representative per state. There new duties would then be to only tally the popular agenda, issues etc. in there respective states so a national popular vote could commence on this gathered data from each state and enforced by the executive branch with both entities controlled by popular vote. Pass this law so “we the people” means what it says.


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almost every government that has ever been established have been corrupt, its human nature and alway’s will be. And I don’t care what the government spends our money on, area 51, a f*cking flying pig for all I care. As long as it isn’t going directly into the politicians pocket, then I got problems

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Semi, gota disagree with you. Corruption is so wide-spread in our government, that people don’t even notice it anymore. Like not see the forest for the trees. And this is not a partisan thing. Both parties have been completely corrupted by money.

People talk of lobbying like it is just a normal part of goverment. What it realy is government sponsered bribery. Votes and support are being sold to the highest bidder.

Government is meant to protect the interests of the people. Believe me, the corporations doing all this influence peddling does not have the peoples interest at heart.

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Gotta run, so just a quick answer. I guess yours is a more strict definition of corruption. Since lobbying is legal, it doesn’t count as corruption. Having huge coporation using there enormous resources in order to influence government is killing this country.

Why can’t we just do away with lobbyists?

It is a very real and serious problem, that most people are completely unaware of.

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Look at the Health Care Reform Bill, I mean Health Insurance Reform Bill, I mean… oh hell you’ll pay me how much to vote no? I mean look at that bill I just threw in the trash bin. Get the point?

As a side note, the supreme court is about to make a ruling that will ultimately determine whether or not a company is an individual. Think this ad for John McCain has been brought to you by Wal-Mart. Again, get the point?

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man the money for this country is held in private banks and we keep going further in debt even well just look up the flick FREEDOM TO FACISUM I did not belive the whole movie until I started to check stuff out

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“Semi, gota disagree with you.”

I figured you might :)

Corruption involves officials neglecting the law in order to take money, and while this does happen, trust me it’s not nearly as prevalent as in other parts of the world. The “special interest” hold on government which you describe is not really corruption because most of it is, in fact, legal. It’s a structural problem that can be fixed with reforms, but it is not corruption.

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We don’t know anything about area 51 for our own safety. Obviously if average citizens know what’s there, anyone in the world could find out. Would it be practical/safe for a country like Iraq to know what weapons we have hiding? It’s all part of National Security. Sure every government has its “problems” but we are well-off compared to some other places in the middle east.

Answer #10

corruption is rampant in our government .Just look at cap and tax . they think the are going to save the earth when they are just going to pick your pocket . In another 4 months it will just go down hill .But there is hope we will probably collapse like the Roman Empire .at least we have something to look forward to.have a nice day

Answer #11

I used to think our government was corrupt. Then I spent some time in the Middle East and Africa. Go there and you will see true corruption. Sure, some American officials are corrupt, but I do not believe corruption is as widespread in our government as in others.

Answer #12

haha wow, our government is probably the worst on the face of the planet, I hope you guys really have done your research, these guys will stop at nothing to be the richest

give it some years, this world WILL become a one world order, since no one is willing to take the stand

Answer #13

I do!!!

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