Who seriously thinks they evolved from apes and monkeys?

Answer #1

We didn’t - we have a common ancestor.

Answer #2

Sorry,who might that be?

Answer #3

Who would ever want to believe that we came from apes, well some people act like they did, but this is a select few.

Answer #4

His name was Jim….seriously? Is that a serious question? It’s believed that we evolved from the Australopithecus. Here’s an idea - if you want to debate a belief, read up on it first, that way you actually have something to debate with.

Answer #5

well in my opinion i believe God created us all not tryin to tell ya’ll how to live and stuff and i’m not tryin to change ya’ll mind about what ya’ll believe in i also believe that we are all related somehow

Answer #6

i think it could of been possible, but no one really knows or will ever know how it all started

Answer #7

silly colleen his name wasn’t jim ……. it was Bob from canada :P


Answer #8

No one? Here’s my thing. By all means, you may have separate beliefs. Unlike the religious I dont believe in blind faith. So hey, if one wants to believe in a big giant turtle that rules the world, or that aliens took us up in space ships and then brought our souls back, go for it. But, is it so difficult to try to actually learn about a scientific theory before appearing completely idiotic by stating it wrong? If I can learn about religions, and actually learn them accurately, surely scientific finding can be understood in its entirety. And yet while atheists and agnostics will study religion, for some unknown reason creationists refuse to accurately study evolution. Perhaps it is a difference in fundamental beliefs. A belief in education? Which would contradict blind faith I suppose.

Answer #9

That’s where you’re wrong Euan…Bob IS an ape…I saw him with me own eyes :P

Answer #10

Omg colleen,I wasn’t going to reply any more bt this! “I saw him with me own eyes” now, that’s some story. How old are you really?

Answer #11

LOL i love your inability to grasp sarcasm XD


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