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The asst. mgrs. totally humiliated me!

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When the Wal-Mart mgrs were firing me, they were pissed as hell and I don't understand why. Told me I ain't fit to work and that I lack people skills to be working. All I did was curse out a coworker who pissed me off and punch the pole in the fitting room and banged my head into it in front of customers. I used to get along with her, but then she me for "harrassing" her and the customers reported me for workplace violence. The mgr. threw my badge across the table angrily and said I endangered everyone at the fitting room. He said ceiling tiles (10 lb each) coulda fallen (from 38 ft high) and hit someone. Why did they seem so angry? Was that even a (gross) misconduct? For all I know, they blew it out of proportion!

Furthermore, he's only 24 and she's only 26. Are they even old enough to make rational decisions as managers? How did he even know the wal-mart trivia about ceiling tiles? If he's too busy jerking those off to do his job, he doesn't qualify to hire and fire. He also said he let kids go for less than what I did and that I brought this onto myself. You know how humiliating it is to be canned in disgrace? I miss my badge and discount card. They were my pride. And yet to bear all the blame when my coworker was the one who triggered me is unthinkable!

She's a hypocrite. She said I was doing well late in December and then there she was justifying the canning early last month. I work very hard on the sales floor (ladies wear) and I'm very productive. Sometimes I get more done than other depts where I help out a lot when I don't get called up to people greet. How can anyone justifying the canning of a productive associate? With me gone, I'll just like to see how much they (don't) get done!