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She shoulda stuck up for me!

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I used to work as a sales associate in ladies wear at wal-mart and was productive, sometimes more than other dept, where I help out occasionally. I work hard as hell. The asst mgr said I was doing fine in late dec. But then justified the canning by another asst. Mgr in early january. Hypocrite. A coworker pissed me off so I verbally abused her and 4 days later, I punched the pole in the fitting room in front of customers, who reported me. Reason for termination: harassment and workplace violence.

What hurts a lot is asst mgrs humiliating me. They said I ain't fit to work and that I don't got no people skills to be working. Then they said ceiling tiles coulda fallen and hit someone at that fitting room. What hurts even more is that my dept mgr didn't stop them. I know she can't bc asst mgrs are over her, but couldn't she have at least tried? I was helluva lot more productive than the girl before me who refused to do her job. The woman before her attendance problems and I got perfect attendance.

Even though I was violent in front of my dept mgr, I still cannot understand why she refused to stop them from canning me, given what I had going for me.