What is the most worst thing you've ever done?

What is the most worst thing you’ve ever done?

Answer #1

probaly keep my mouth shut when I knew something bad was happening and when someone got hurt…a lot…over and over again…by our dad

Answer #2

this is lame, I know…but its the worst thing I’ve done… sneak outside at like, 12:00 with my friends and my boyfriend!

Answer #3


Answer #4

got caught stealin…the wasnt the worst part… I had weed on me

Answer #5

sleep with a girl while I was drunk and sleep walking.

Answer #6

I sprayed body spray in this guys eyes because he was following me everywhereI made him temperaraly blind =/

Answer #7

I bought these new jeans that were pretty cheap. And the next day I found out why, because they ripped.

Answer #8


Answer #9

I threw a bag of dog poop at a girl I didn’t like lmao

Answer #10

must have been very bad danymarie :)

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