What the worst thing you have ever done?

If you could name the worst thing you have ever done wheather it be to a person or to yourself what was it?

Answer #1

ive done many worst things…One of them was when i was showing off and accidently dropped a huge set of dumbels on my Mom’s mouth…uaisugaibfulw ge9…uhuhuh…SCARY… Her mouth was all swolen up and huge. When my Dad came home he asked my Mom what happened and she said she fell of the stairs. I fealt really guilty that she covered up for me (or else my dad would have torn me into pieces). But still, i didnt mean to drop the retard thing on her face. I still feel guilty for being such a retard and causing my mom 2 be in such a great pain… :(

Answer #2

Well lets see I made a 50ft flamethrower out of white gas and gunpowder and almost caught my neighborhood on fire… I live in a foresty area… not good all the problems I could have caused

Answer #3

I’d have to say the worst thing I’ve ever done was when my friend asked me if she should go out with this lad that she just met, he was from my school in my year but I never really new him, but still I said she should go out with him. I know regret it so much because he cheated on her and caused her so puch pain, so much she resorted to cutting. I make sure know if she ever asks me what she should I always make sure its good advice. =]

Answer #4

I stole a box of crayons and scissors that belonged to this kid in my class whom I dispised simply because of his looks. I feel extremely horrible and I can’t forgive myself even to this day 31 years later. Don’t Steal! Mama K

Answer #5


I stole a YoYo from a kid at summer camp when I was 12. My Mom was an alcoholic, and I think I did it to act out :( I feel horrible about it…to this day. Because the kid cried and tried to tell on me but no one believed him…he got in trouble for lying. So sad.

Answer #6

One of my guy friends said I had to make a deal with him and that was to dance with him at our graduation dance. (not graduating from school, from middle school) And I said “Ok”… Until I found out he meant slow-dance. I sort of got his hopes up and I called it off. He told me that if we dance, then it’s ok, and if we dont, then that’s fine too. But at the dance, I thought it would be funny to tease him so I was “slowdancing” with one of my friends… I was saying things like “I looove to slowdance with you!” and stuff. He looked so sad… I think about it every single day… I said sorry to him, but not to his face. I wish I could tell him how sorry I was, but it’s kind of too late. He was so nice to me and I was such a jerk!

Answer #7

The worst (and probably the most embarrassing) thing I’ve ever done was calling my dad “mum”. Lol.

Answer #8

The worst thing I have ever did was call my boyfriend someone else name,but we made up.

Answer #9

I regularly humiliated a teacher - she was young and inexperienced and I thought it was clever to taunt her. I made up complex tricks for the class to carry out against her. She was a novice in my convent school and she couldn’t cope at all. But when I was at university I went back to visit that school and she had totally forgiven me. I was very moved by that. Still feel bad about it, though…

Answer #10

your a psyco u know that xxxcmanxxx?

Answer #11

listened to the backstreet boys when i was 4 to this day it sill haunts me

Answer #12

I think that the worst thing I have ever done is what I have not done..every time I said to my self that I couldn’t do something..

Answer #13

lol thanx yeah I know im psycho lol =D

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