What do you think I got some low grades do you think im in truble?

ok got some low in I think every single one of my classes and I just wanna know do you think that I am in trouble or if you have been in this sit before tell me about it

I just wanna know because parent teacher conference was today and the whole time I have been blaming my teachers and other students for my bad grades

I just wanna know

Answer #1
  1. We don’t know your parents, so we have no idea if you’re in trouble or not
  2. Blaming other people for your own failures is pointless, and kind of pathetic.
Answer #2

It depends on who you would be in trouble with and what type of person they are to know if your gonna be in trouble and what’s gonna happen. If your really worried just try your best to bring your grades up. I’ve been in that situation before, but my mom isn’t the type of person who would ground me because of that, she just watched me closer and made sure that I was passing

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