Do I really need to have a 95 percent in B30 to become a grade 1 teacher?

Im going into grade twelve for starters. I want to be an elementary teacher… but I hear that being a teacher is becoming competitive… well my grades for grade 11 werent as good as they could have been, I love working with kids and I know how to add… Do I really need to have a 95 percent in B30 to become a grade 1 teacher? I think its bull. My question is, If I have experience with kids such as having 14 neices and nephews and working out at camps and such will that help me at all into getting into school?

Answer #1

let me tell you something people dont realize, teaching ISNT VERY COMPETITIVE in inner-city schools. Every teacher wants to be in a nice place with very few behavior problems. Inner city schools almost guaruntee you a job. The teachers just want jobs in the easy places, thats why everyone thinks its competitive. But most city schools dont have a teacher for every grade.

You mainly have to get a good college education like everyone else and get a good resume. The neices and nephews mean nothing. The camps might.

Answer #2

But I mean to get into school. You have to write a essay to even get into university. And grades is a factor they have told me…

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