What/ can any teachers help me pick my courses?

Okay, so whoever is reading this I really appreciate your help! I am in grade 10 and I really want to be a teacher :) I have to pick my courses for next year but I don’t know which ones I need to take. I’m still deciding whether I want to be an elementary school teacher or high school teacher. If I do decide to be a high school teacher I either want to be a gym teacher or I would like to teach food and nutrition. But I have no idea what courses to take?? If there are any teachers here or anyone who is in the process of becoming a teacher I would really appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks :)

Answer #1

Colleges don’t really look at your grades in terms of what classes you took to start a career. When you get to college, they’ll teach you what you need to know about becoming a teacher. For an example, I took French, Trig, US History and Health in HS.
I’m going to be a teacher as well. Um, I would just say take what’s interesting to you. When you get to college, you may change your mind.

Just curious: what classes are available to you? Definitely some kind of First Aid connected class if you want to be a Health, Science and Exercise Teacher (gym) But if you want to be a “regular” teacher, take any classes. All of them will help you.

Kinda long, eh.


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