Will my tattoo artist get angry if I go in for re-coloring?

Do tattoo artists get angry when you go in for re-coloring? I know its probably a stupid question, but my friend and I both got our tattoos done by the same guy, and hers looks the exact same as when she first got it, and mine has a lot of the color missing from it now, and it looked fine when I first got it, and I feel bad, like it was something I did that made it loose so much color, and I feel like when I go in to get it re colored, he will be mad like it was my fault haha. like I said, stupid question probably.. but id just like to know :]

Answer #1

No not at all…I’ve had to get all my tatties recoloured. It just happens they fade. Especially if you had them done in the summer. The sun fades them fast

Answer #2

Not at all. They actually expect people to come back in to get the tattoos retouched and recolored and most people will do it for free.

When you first get a tattoo, your body where they are tattooing swells a bit. That can cause some of the lines to get uneven or some of the spaces to not get filled in. Tattoo artist know this - and most of them will tell you that you need to come back and get it retouched when the scab falls off and the tattoo is healed.

Answer #3

Nope, they don’t get mad. The reason they don’t get mad is because they know people are going to ask you “who did your tattoo” and you’re obviously going to say their name. Tattoo artists don’t want their customers to have to go show off a faded tattoo, it makes them look bad. So they would actually rather you get it touched up because if not it’s making their work look unprofessional.

Answer #4

if he was a good tattoo artist he wouldnt get mad… what did you think of him when you got it done

Answer #5

no…who cares if he gets mad.. your the one who has to live with it…but no he shouldnt get mad thats his job!

Answer #6

how much is it for a tattoo re-colour

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