Will tattoo places do them if you're under 18?

how do you go about getting a tattoo without parent consent. im 17, and want my tattoo.. I dont live at home and there is no way of consent. are there tattoo places who will do it for you anyways?

Answer #1

yes, with your parents consent!!!

Answer #2

i got a tatto when i was 15 all i did was take some ink and a needle and putter the needle in the ink and then will put the needle and ink in my skin there is a ideal

Answer #3

I would suggest that you simple wait until you’re a little older. It’s not like they’re going to close up every tattoo parlor. Don’t be in such a hurry. Take your time and wait. It will give you the chance to get to know an artist and create the perfect drawing. Just relax and wait until you’re old enough to get one without your parents consent.

Answer #4

no they wont so you will have to do your self…y not wait another year it wint hurt i swear…

Answer #5

If you find someone that will do it RUN LIKE HELL. Wait until you’re 18 or get you’re parents consent.

Answer #6

just wait 1 year man. it’s only a year haha im 18 in 21 days <3

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