Can you get the color part of your eye tattooed?

I heard of a guy getting the whites of his eyes tattooed. And I have heard of them filling in the colored part for patients who are experiancing blinding where the eye turns all white to appear normal. But can you get the color of your eye tattooed and still see???

Answer #1

You can theoretically fill this area with color but its very dangerous very high chance of blindness. Soft colored lenses are safe if you don’t sleep in them.

Answer #2

ironically a co-worker and i were talking this recently, and at first i didn’t believe him but i looked it up. but heres the site i found when i researched it its mentions the risk of it causing blindness ext. but also explain the procedure.

Answer #3

you can, but i wouldnt do it…

Answer #4

yes but I heard a lot of things can go wrong

Answer #5

Thanks! I am really into body Mods and I came across this, and I realized I knew people have gotten the whites of there eyes, but the color? Thats pretty sweet. i wouldnt do it cuz i love my brown eyes but thats gnarly.

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