Why does my tap water taste extremely metalic after sitting in a glass cup for about an hour?

at first it tastes perfectly normal but then after sitting it tastes disgusting. Have any clue why this is?

Answer #1

I’ve had that happen with well water, even if it was fresh out the tap…I’m guessing you don’t use a water filter.

Even though they use some borderline fear tactics to sell them…I highly recommend using one, as the water will almost always taste better that way.

In terms of the why:

  1. Could be the well water - eg, issue with the tank, the pipe to the house, or similar.
  2. Could be the container - some containers will flavor the water, metal, plastic, glass, etc…depending on what they were used before drinking out of it. In some cases, even using soap won’t get rid of the taste.
  3. Urban water delivery system…there are a number of reasons this could be the case.

If the water tastes fine fresh out the tap, but not after sitting, it’s the container you put it in, unfortunately.

Answer #2

because everything settled

Answer #3

The first thing that comes to mind is low PH in your water supply. If the ph is too low, the water will be somewhat corrosive and leach metals from your plumbing and the distribution system of your public water system. This is not safe.If you are using a private well, something could be lowering the ph. It is very inexpensive to have your water tested by an independent lab or local health dept. Even the nearest city water dept will most likely test it for you free of charge even if your not a customer

Answer #4

an hour need to know more bout situation.did you go to sleep?if so someone could have tampered withit.

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