If there is a glass only half way with water, half full or empty?

If there is a glass only half way with water- Is it half empty? Or is it half full?

Answer #1

it depends, if the glass started off full and then someone drank half then its half empty, but if the glass was empty and someone poured water halfway then its half full lol I donno what im getting at here

Answer #2

Depends on the mood I’m in at the time I’m asked. Mostly, I like to think it’s half empty. That would mean that I’m drinking my water like a good girl.

Answer #3

Id say that the glass is half empty because it is half full is a stupid way of saying theres only half the amount of water left,meaning its half empty…pfft f*ck the glass, that stupid glass is causing so many problems in the world somone should just pee in the glass so it becomes full and we will then finally know the answer!

Answer #4

Why do they say water in particular? Water is so boring, no flavor, just dull, drab water. Why couldn’t it be juice? Or Diet Soda? But NO. It’s water.

Like Steph said, it’s personal preference, but I prefer Half full. Half empty sounds so pessimistic, and half full looks a little more optimistic. I don’t know why, it just does.

Answer #5

Literally? Like an actual glass of water? Half full because one generally fills a glass, not empties it. (well you know what I mean) so you would fill the glass half-way therefore it’s half full. Also you never fill it all the way to the top so there’s another reason.

Answer #6

Whatever your personal preference is. I personally see it as half full and this is why… As often as I can, I try and focus more on the things I have instead of the things I lack. So seeing the glass as half full makes me proud of what I have, instead of bothering what I don’t have. I have half a cup… thats better then nothing.

Answer #7

half empty…life sucks…realize it already…nothing will ever be good…im gunna go shoot myself on the edge of a cliff after taking a lethal dose of tylenol…

Answer #8

…as an engineer I’m obligated to provide the following nerd’s response… “the glass is over-specified”.

Answer #9

Well Boogle, have fun with that, but do you mind if a sign you up for therepy?

Answer #10

both . Its defining positive and negative source on a person

Answer #11

Half full (same reason as imyselfandme…)

Answer #12

umm half full! duh!

Answer #13

the glass could be said as eather “half empty” or “half ful” both ways are correct. but the way you say it varys fomr person to person depending if you are a negative or positive person. if you are negative you would say half emtyy. if you are positive you would say half full

Answer #14

it’s half full

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