Which type of water do you all like, pure or tap?

Which type of water do you all like, pure or tap? For me, its pure and water from the bottle.

Answer #1

water is water to me. I don’t like it ice cold because my two front teeth are way sensitive. But ya, I’ll drink it from the bottle or tap.

Answer #2

I’m used to drinking well water, too.

Answer #3

I have my own well of spring water so my tap water is the same as bottled. lucky me eh? :)

Answer #4

pure, sometimes tap water tastes a bit…weird…


Answer #5

tap youd be surprised at how many millions of bottle end up in the land fill so one way to reduce that is to keep the same bottle for a few weeks and re-fill it

Answer #6

Bottled water is not necessarily any purer than your tap water.

If the water you get from your tap isn’t good there are filters to remove off tastes and smells. At the last place I lived the unfiltered tap water was pretty horid but where I moved the tap water is really good. I’m still going ot get an undersink filter one of these days.

Drinking water from little plastic bottles is extremely expensive, consumes a ridiculous amount of resources, and contributes greatly to our litter problem.

Answer #7

filletospam is right you know… Bottled water isn’t actually cleaner, and it isn’t purer than tap. So why waste all that plastic for the same thing?

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