Dipping an oreo in water would taste the same as in milk?

This is a weird and random question but I was just wondering if you think that dipping an oreo in water would taste the same as dipping it in milk. I know that they are different but you don’t taste the milk so I would think that it would taste the same.<—really random, I know…lol

Answer #1

okay. I have eaten it with water and all I say is that milk does intensifies the oreo taste.

also. since water has no real flavor to it, the oreo would taste just as good dry aswell if it were dipped in water with the exception that the cookie would be moist.

if you want random, you should of seen my lil bro eat the oreo cookies. not with milk, not with water, but with Good ol’ OJ!


Answer #2

NO. Water would dilute the wonderful flavor of an Oreo. I will admit that popping an Oreo into my mouth with a sip of black coffee is very good. (But not quite as good as 2% milk - and whole milk has too much butterfat.)

Answer #3

It would taste similar if you were dipping it in lite/skim milk- that stuff does not taste like milk… ew!

Answer #4

No, it wouldn’t be the same. The milk soaks into the Oreo intensifying the flavor of the Oreo.

Answer #5

Hmm, I never had Orios dipped in water but, from what I read above, it doesn’t sound good with water. Milk sounds better to dip orios in. I have milk which is two percent, and, I’d rather dip my orios in that. Yum!

Answer #6

that would be disgusting…and I always taste the milk on my oreos…

Answer #7

EW GROSS :] id stay with milk. x

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