Swelling after a piercing.

How do I reduce the swelling quickly after spiderbite piercings? I've tried ice but it doesn't seem to be going down, one of the piercings is actually digging into the skin so much that it is almost not visible on the inside of my lip.

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the swelling is normal
when you get a new wound, the skin swells up
the swelling generally lasts around 3 days (for any lip piercing)
and after that it will go down
if after 5 days the swelling is still there and it still looks like your lip is swallowig the piercing, go back to the piercer or see a doctor
if the piercer thinks the labets (bar with a screw on ball/spike) are too small he/she can change them to longer ones

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ibuprofen and freeze pops. at night time, elavate your head it helps reduce swelling

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