How long will the swelling last?

I got a monroe piercing yesterday and today it's swollen ofcourse.
When I had my bottom lip pierced I forgot how long the sweling lasted. So how long would it take the swelling from the monroe piercing to go down?

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about 3 days

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It shouldnt last more than a week, try putting cold ice compresses on it and chewing on ice chips to keep the inside of your mouth cool and it will help with the swelling.

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does the ice help it go down temporarily, or actually helps speed up the process of getting rid of the swelling faster.
idk if that made sense lol

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no less than 2 days no more than a week soak in sea salt and it should go down faster or the ice

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It helps speed up the healing process. It's the same for a swollen ankle. The more ice, the better.

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