Snake bite piercings swelling?

I got snake bite piercings a few days ago.. When does the selling of the lip go down? My lips still swollen and its going on the 4th day :(

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piercer told me I only had to wait 2 weeks.. and said it was healed in 6-8 weeks

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your welcome, also its perfectly fine to have the captive rings (hoops) in first
either one is fine

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Swelling usually only lasts for around 3 days and then starts to go down. So it should be going down now.

If the swelling lasts more then a week then go back to the piercer or see a doctor.

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Its actually going down some now.. just slightly.. im just paranoid its going to get infected.. I put studs in them for the piercings per a friends advice but they are really tight inside and outside my lip because of the swelling.. its cause em to be really sensitve on the outside :(

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well hopefully you didnt perce them yourself or het them pierced and then change the jewlerey so soon after
it would probably be best to go and see a profesional piercer and ask if the jewlrey you have in is the right size and if the piercings are healing well

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I didnt pierce it myself.. I got it professionally done.. I asked him if I should have a longer post but he seemed adament that it would be ok.. I was told not to do hoops first. its gone done in swelling enough that my roommate commented.. but still sensitive. Thanks for the advice :)

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to late now.. now I gotta wait for like.. um... 2-3 weeks :( I dont want studs.. but someone told me not to put them in at first.. odd. They said it could cause keyloid scarring. psh.. should have known they wasnt really reliable.

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a keloid s a hard lump that usually stays for a few months before going away
and they dont usually appear on the lip
the most common places to get a keloid are the nose, bellybutton and ear
also make sure you wait at least 3 months before changing the piercings or taking them out
as thats the amount of time they need to heal
and taking them out befre than can prolong their healing time

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well the minimum amount of time every piercing takes to heal is 3 months
exept for genitle piercings and nipples which take longer
so if you take it out before its healed that will prolong the healing for a bit and could cause an infection

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Aaah no worries (:
People react different. When I pierced my lip it didn't really swollen, and everything was alright. But later on when friend of mine pierced her lip, her lip swollen, and she had problems with eating for the next couple days, but after that everything was OK.
There is a big chance your lip has swollen cuzz you pierced your lip on both sides (snakebitez), so reaction is stronger ofcourse.
Well I advise you to wait for a day or two and your lip should be fine, if not.. go to the place where you got pierced (you have to do that anyay, cuzz they have to shorten up your piercing stick if you know what I mean -.-) .. just ask them for more advices.
If everyone failes you... -> google is your friend

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