Is sushi really good?

Is sushi really good

Answer #1

The best!!

Answer #2

I actually like sashimi better, but yes sushi is pretty good. Expensive though unless you make it yourself.

Answer #3

I only eat vegetarian sushi but it can be quite good.

The wasabi really gives it an interesting zing though if you use too much it gets intense.

Answer #4

I just like the california roll and the shrimp tempura roll. If you’re not into eating raw fish those are delicious

Answer #5

My brother just recently had me taste it and its pretty good.
I just don’t like the seaweed and the raw fish. I prefer crab meat.
Well thats what he gave me and it wonderful!

Answer #6

I LOVE it but only the salmon.

Answer #7

it is AMAZING. :] yumm… jeez now I want some :(

Answer #8

Once you get past the raw fish hang-up, it’s delicious. Salmon is v. good, and so is tuna. Both are mild. I LOVE the wasabi that comes with the sushi. It’s the ball of green stuff that comes with the sushi - it’s HOT, but horseradish hot not jalapenos hot … it hits hard and fast then disappears. Have someone show you how to mix up a batch. Red snapper and sea bass are very good. I don’t like tako (octopus) nor unagi (eel). Oh, shrimp is delicious AND it is cooked.

Many of the rolls (called maki) are great and some (like California roll) do not have raw fish.

Answer #9

I heard it gave you tapeworms… D:<

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