What are some really good cook books?

I’m looking for some cook books with easy, yet very tasty recipes. I’d prefer it if the book has multiple sections (ex: dinners, drinks, deserts), but all suggestions are welcome. If you have a suggestion, please include as many details as possible. I’d really appreciate it!

Answer #1

I love Russell Jame’s books. He does raw, healthy recipes.

Answer #2

Barefoot Contessa at Home It’s a really good book :D They’re really simple which is nice, because I have a tendency to get burned if I cook for too long. Anyhow, there are different sections and the things I’ve cooked from the book are delicious :D

Answer #3

I love Rachel Rays Coo Book

Answer #4

i enjoy rachel ray cook books its good meals fixed in 30 to 45 minutes

Answer #5

the McClellanville Secret Recipe book. it has tons of local recipes for the south but overall i think my moms is but she refuses to publish it:p

Answer #6

The Joy of Cooking, La Technique by Jacques Pepin…

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