Is sushi good for you?

is sushi good for you?How many calories is it?

Answer #1

I HEART SUSHI!!… don’t really like sushimi…it’s too gooie for me =P but yupps…SUSHI is 100% good for you - just because you can put anything in it!!! lol… I’m like picky with veggies… but when it’s in SUSHI!! I just pop it into my mouth!! =)

Answer #2

In general, yes, it’s healthy. There is a small chance of getting cholera or a parasite from raw fish, but if it’s handled properly, this risk is small.

Answer #3

Sushi has a lot of vitamis,minerals,proteins so basically its also quite low in fat (just ease up on the soy sauce-very salty/fattening)…but sushi has hardly any calories all depend on whats in it…yes its good for you and your body.

Answer #4

I love sushi, very nutricious, little fat. depends on what kind you get as to its calories. start with something plain, like a california or philadelphia roll… mmm… now I want some…

Answer #5

ok I wouldnt care anyway sushi is to die for lol joke

Answer #6

thank! yah I love it to

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